Case Studies

Apparel Company A

Increase work efficiency by 136%! Simple Pick to Light Systems even for inexperienced operators!

Handling Items
Area of Improvement
Too many process
Pick or Put
Put to Light
AIOI Product
Pick to Light System
JW series
  1. Issues
    • Operators used handy terminals to scan the barcodes of each product, one by one. This meant that 40,000 products had to be scanned 40,000 times, and the store codes also had to be scanned, so shipping was limited to 40,000 to 50,000 items per day.
    • The 17 to 18 company employees worked a total of 1,300 hours of overtime in six months.
    • Big items were difficult to handle because operators needed one hand to operate their handy terminals.
  2. introduction

    Our system improved work efficiency by 136%

    • The company was able to cut overtime in half. Further creative improvements could reduce overtime even more!
    • The operation is so simple that even new employees can do it easily.
    • Operators can use both hands to sort and place shoes, bags, and other big items; they no longer have the stress of needing to manipulate large products with one hand.


Put to light system

  • A barcode reader scans the products.
  • Operators assort only the number of products displayed on the light modules installed on the pipe racks.

Products used in this case