Case Studies

Apparel Company B

Completed “Easy to handle” picking system with a packaged

Handling Items
Area of Improvement
Error Prevention (Pokayoke)
Pick or Put
Put to Light
AIOI Product
MWU series
  1. Issues
    • The operation required two operators: one to read out assorting lists for each SKU, and one to do the assorting work.
    • The difficulty of discerning the many similar products resulted in assorting errors.
    • The company needed a system that enabled them to switch between pick to light and put to light according to volume, and needed the system to be able to withstand the change.
  2. introduction

    Our low-price, flexible software package improved operations

    • 〈Operational changes〉While the previous system required one reader and one operator, the new system eliminated the need for the reader by enabling visual confirmation of the assorting place, items to be picked, and quantities simply by reading the store and SKU label.
    • 〈System application〉The new system can easily accommodate changes because the application of the system of the software package made it possible to change between pick to light and put to light according to volume, customer, and numbers of operators.
    • 〈Configuration cost〉Distribution center employees can configure the two nonpolar core wires, reducing configuration costs.


Use of Master of Supply Parts software package

Video of Case Study

Our software package enables designation of shipping data row. The ability to change this setting at the beginning of operation provides the user with two options: pick to light by SKU, or put to light by store. We provided guidance for configuring the system, allowing customer configuration.