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Audio Equipment Manufacturer

Operation efficiency is dramatically improved by automatic block allocation and Pick to Light system.

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AIOI Product
Pick to Light System
JW series
  1. Issues
    • With its offering of small quantities of a diverse array of products, this company was unable to improve work efficiency.
    • The company receives a high volume of products with different packaging (in cases, in pieces, etc.); product management required effort.
    • The company needed to use new hires to compensate for a lack of experienced operators.
  2. introduction

    Pairing with conveyors enables control of collapsible containers

    • The automatic diversion of collapsible containers to blocks to be picked dramatically decreased operators’ confirmation work.
    • The picking is guided by light modules, so even new operators can perform the work with ease.
    • Our system clarified inventory control.
    • Our system made it possible to spread work time evenly. The ability to assign operators according to projected shipping volumes reduced wasted work time.


System pairs pick to light with POS shipping inspections

We created a system that pairs pick to light with POS shipping inspections. The ability to fully understand the progress of the work made it possible to appropriately assign operators to spread the work evenly and reduce wasted work time.

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