Case Studies

Personal Computer Manufacturer

Shortened the lead time of large kind and various products after
using Pick to Light system

Handling Items
Assembly Plants
Area of Improvement
Error Prevention (Pokayoke)
Pick or Put
Cell Production
AIOI Product
Pick to Light System
AW series
  1. Issues
    • This company needed to shorten lead time to delivery for a multitude of orders from users.
    • The company also needed to arrange parts quickly and reliably for post-process assembly.
  2. introduction

    Sharply reduced errors in arrangement for the assembly process

    • Our system successfully shortened lead time by improving picking efficiency, enabling anyone to perform picking work easily and quickly.
    • Our system sharply reduced errors in tray arrangement for the assembly process, ensuring consistent product quality.


Master of Supply Parts: Pick to Light Software Package

  • A pick to light system based on a software package.
  • When the list is scanned by a scanner, lamps in the corresponding locations light up; the mechanism makes it easy to instruct operators, allowing anyone to perform picking work easily and quickly.

Products used in this case