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Seed Trading Company

Picking operation speed is dramatically improved thanks to Block Relay Picking System.

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  1. Issues
    • This company uses conveyors and offers small quantities of a diverse array of products, thereby needing to perform picking efficiently.
    • The company sought to increase picking speeds to match conveyor speeds.
    • The company uses a pick by list system using conveyors, requiring error-proofing from omissions and misreading.
  2. introduction

    No more backup on conveyors

    • Narrowing the range of tasks per operator by assigning one operator to each block increased picking speed to that of the conveyors, eliminating conveyor backup.
    • Transitioning to a block relay system eliminated omissions, and error-proofing buzzers drastically reduced errors.


Master of Supply Parts with Block Relay: Software package

To create this system, we added error-proofing features to our Master of Supply Parts with Block Relay software package. Picking speed is faster, so while waiting for the next pick, operators can conduct inspections (with a separate system) using wearable terminals.

Products used in this case