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Shinnippon Calenda Co., Ltd.

Achieved assortment for 186 users per batch by Pick to Light system and Sorter system!

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  1. Issues
    • Shinnippon Calendar wanted to create a labor-saving system to counter the growing difficulty of securing enough operators.
    • The company was already using a simple put to light system for assorting, but wanted to improve productivity as well as assorting accuracy.
    • The company wanted to reduce walking distances to reduce the burden on operators.
  2. introduction
    • Pairing the Pick to Light System with piece sorters allows piece sorters to assort flyers as well as the products, which dramatically improved assorting accuracy over the conventional manual labor. Assorting now consists of a simple product scan followed by loading onto a conveyor belt, which means that anyone can perform assorting with only basic training.


Pairing Pick to Light and Put to Light with piece sorters

Video of Case Study

We introduced piece sorters for small items. We incorporated flyer picking into a Pick to Light System, and paired it with the piece sorters.We built a system that enables assorting by up to 186 users per batch by installing stoppers on the chutes, splitting chute ends in two, and packaging assorted chutes to create empty chutes.We also introduced a multi-put to light system that allows multiple people to assort large and irregular items.

Products used in this case

JW Series JW2030B