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Volume calculator and automatic conveyor system enable smooth, error-free picking

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  1. Issues
    • Operators needed to choose between various sizes of cardboard boxes for shipping.
    • Sukeno wanted to automatically deliver the required numbers of the required types of boxes for each recipient.
    • Picking was performed in order of store numbers, so the company was unable to adjust the number of workers by volume.
  2. introduction

    Volume calculation eliminated the need to add labels and repack boxes after picking

    • Informing operators of the results of volume calculations facilitated the supply of boxes.
    • Automatically delivering the required number of boxes for each recipient eliminated the need to add labels and repack later due to changes in the numbers of boxes.
    • Under the new system, stores with high volumes are finished first, and then picking is done in order of store numbers. This allowed reducing the number of operators required for the latter operation.


Pick to light system that pairs volume calculations for box sizes with automatic conveyors

Video of Case Study
  1. The system tells operators the sizes and quantities of cardboard boxes for shipping to place on the conveyors.
  2. The conveyors automatically allocate the required quantities of boxes for each store.
  3. The system uses belt conveyors, so empty boxes and shipping boxes can be delivered simultaneously.
  4. For each block, operators pick products according to lamps and insert them into the shipping boxes that stop in front of them.
  5. Operators can pick items on hangers directly from hanger racks.
  6. To expedite input, a buzzer sounds on the slowest block.
  7. A label for an additional box is issued when a shipping box exceeds the preset weight on the scale installed prior to shipping.
  8. The boxes are sealed by box sealers and transported to the shipping berths.

Products used in this case

JW Series JW2030R