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Transportation Company A

Five people assort simultaneously to shorten assorting time!

Handling Items
Area of Improvement
Speed up
Pick or Put
Put to Light
AIOI Product
Pick to Light System
JW series
  1. Issues
    • Work efficiency could not be improved because single-color light modules, which can only be used by one person at a time, were used for large shipments.
    • As a pass-through operation, delivery times are tight and work time is limited.
    • Medium sorting between cases and cartons/pieces is done by hand; only veteran operators are able to improve efficiency.
  2. introduction

    Our system successfully shortened work time!

    • When five people work simultaneously, each operator can process 2,400 pieces per hour, which successfully shortens sorting work time!
    • Five-digit light module displays for cartons/pieces make it easy to understand assorting quantities—even large assorting quantities for single stores—at a glance! This helps improve work efficiency.
    • Even beginners can perform the work with ease!
    • Adapting our system to small quantities of a diverse array of products successfully improved productivity and accuracy.


Pairing a medium sorting system with put to light

We created a system that pairs medium sorting performed with wireless handy terminals with a put to light system.

Products used in this case