Webinar: December 3, 2022: “Solving Problem in Manufacturing and Logistics by optimization solutions for Robot and Human”.

Seminar Outline

Solving issues in the Manufacturing and Logistics Industries! AIOI Systems will present a proposal for productivity improvement through collaboration between robots and people, together with FA Products Corporation, the organizing company of Team Cross FA.

In addition to FA Products’ simulation-based overall optimization, AIOI Systems will introduce examples of maximizing individual capacity by linking our Projection Picking System and SAS Shutter Assortment System. We hope that this co-hosted webinar will make the introduction of AGVs more easily accessible to the manufacturing and logistics industries.

*Team Cross FA is a corporate consortium of Japan’s most advanced factory builders that provides one-stop solutions for smart factories, from building to IT, people, and equipment. Seven organizing companies are Office FACOM Corporation, FA Products Corporation, Robocom Corporation, Robocom and FACOM Corporation, Japan Support Systems Corporation, Industrial-X Securing Corporation, and SaaSis Corporation.


Date and Time: December 3, 2021, 13:30-14:30 
Participation Fee: Free (advance reservations required)
Application Deadline: December 2, 2021, 13:00


In order to respond to high-mix and variable-volume production with customization requirement, it is necessary to optimally integrate not only AGVs but also Control Systems, Warehouse Management Systems, Scheduling Systems, Digital Twin, Picking systems, and various other systems.

In addition, AGVs alone are available in a wide variety of traveling methods, conveyance methods, weight capacities, etc., and we often hear the question, “What should I choose? Team Cross FA and AIOI Systems have a wealth of experience and solutions to the above issues.

In this webinar, we will present case studies of our logistics system solutions, including AGVs and human-centered logistics systems, as well as specific procedures and future prospects.