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KEIHIN Distribution Co., Ltd.

Relayed Picking System with conveyor

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Pick to Light System
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  1. Issues
    • Keihin Distribution needed to perform picking for a large number of orders (roughly 6,000 per day).
    • The company sought a highly efficient workflow built on the visualization of A products, B products, and C products based on logistical analysis of item hit rates.
  2. introduction

    Picking efficiency and inventory accuracy improved

    • Productivity improved such that the company can now process roughly 7,000 orders per day (busy period productivity level).
    • Picking speed increased after two conveyor lines were introduced for high hit-rate items (A product) to enable picking for two orders at a time.
    • The final conveyor is split into a line for B/C products (low hit-rate items) and an inspection line, and orders that have already been picked are allowed to bypass the B/C line and go straight to the inspection line. This configuration has improved work efficiency.


Pairing conveyors and pick to light

Video of Case Study

The final result is a pick to light system linked to free conveyors that comprise two lines with identical flow rack and conveyor layouts for high hit-rate items (A products), and a conveyor with a mid-sized rack for low hit-rate items (B/C products).

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