Environmental Policy

AIOI·SYSTEMS environmental policy



The beautiful earth is the greatest asset. To preserve the beautiful earth, namely global environmental conservation is imposed on our mission.
We are convinced that expanding sales of our products, which are environmentally conscious products, to all fields around the world should contribute to the future of the earth, hence we will proceed with our corporate activities.


  1. Expanding sales of environmentally conscious products is our environmental objectives. We set targets and implementation plans for the whole company and each department, and work on continuous improvement and prevention of environmental conservation activities.
  2. We will comply with environment-related laws, regulations, agreements and other requirements approved by AIOI, set voluntary standards if necessary, and work on further environmental conservation.
  3. In the process of designing and manufacturing products, we will promote the creation of products with reduced burden on the environment, taking environmental and safety into consideration.
  4. We will conduct environmental education, in our internal PR activities, etc. for all employees and
    contractors to understand environmental policies and to raise awareness about the environment.
  5. We will disclose our business activities related to the environment to a wide range of society as well as our affiliated companies and build collaborative and cooperative relationships.

June 1, 2023
President and C.E.O. YUTAKA YOSHINO