LIVE Showroom

We use our showroom as a “place of communication” to connect with customers in the world.

Is there anything that is difficult to visualize and understand from our catalogs or websites?
In the “LIVE Showroom”, you can actually see our product demonstration.

You will also be able to see actual Case Study at various customers. We conduct demonstration with interactive communication, so you can see what you want to know in depth and in detail, which is similar to the experience of actually visiting the showroom.

We will guide you through the process by appointment only, tailored to your individual needs.
Please feel free to experience LIVE Showroom!

More than1,700companies have participated in this program.

(Cumulative number of companies since the full-scale launch in May 2020 through August 2023)

Visit our showroom online

Recommended for:

  • Those considering a Pick to Light system who want to learn about products and processes.
  • Those experiencing problems such as errors in picking and sorting operations and need to improve productivity.
  • Those struggling to meet increasing demand, where the volume of shipments is increasing rapidly, and deliveries tend to be delayed.
  • Those experiencing labor challenges, such as operator errors in picking products.
  • Those who want to begin to invest in automation but aren’t considering a fully automated warehouse due to the expense.

Ways to experience our LIVE Showroom:

  • We connect one-on-one with customers to learn about their current situation and concerns through individual consultation and introduce the showroom with relevant demonstrations.
  • We connect multiple customer locations (multiple departments) at once to hold an online meeting to experience the showroom
  • We connect with the customer’s site to give a seminar program with live demos.
  • Our sales representative visits the customer’s site and connects to LIVE Showroom online from the customer’s site while having a meeting.
  • Remote customers experience the showroom right from their office to save time.
  • Individual consultation
  • Simultaneous connection at
    multiple locations (departments)
  • Webinar
  • Sales Rep
    visits customer site
  • Customers in distant location
    or During Telework

If you need improvement in the logistics industry, please join us at LIVE Showroom!
We look forward to seeing you there.

In our 3rd showroom dedicated to live broadcasts,we also have a robot area.

Along with the introduction of our latest solutions,we will propose a
system tailored to your needs.

Robotics area

Introducing the latest solutions that combine AIOI’s picking system with highly compatible transport systems and robots that lead to labor savings.

・ G2P AGV+PPS+SAS harmonized system
・ Compact AGV for apparel
・ 3D Sorter

DA (Distribution Automation) area

Introducing highly efficient and mistake free system for Distribution field and process.

・ Sensor Detection type (PPS)
・ Camera Detection type (PPS)
・ 3D Sensor Detection type (PPS)

FA (Factory Automation) area

Introducing highly efficient and mistake free system for manufacturing field and process.

・ SMT Reel Picking (PPS)
・ Cell Production System (PPS)
・ Parts Counter
・ Pick to Light / Put to Light for Kitting process

* The systems in the showroom are subject to change.

Steps to Participate LIVE Showroom

  1. STEP.01
    • From our web site: Please send us the required information using the form below.
    • By phone: Please call +81-3-3764-0228 Public Relations Dept., and tell them “LIVE Showroom Reservation”.
  2. STEP.02
    Confirmation from us

    Our staff will contact you within 3 business days (excluding holidays and year-end and New Year holidays) after receiving your inquiry to arrange a date and time. Our representative will send you an URL by email.

  3. STEP.03
    On the day of the LIVE showroom

    When the time comes, please connect to the URL sent to you in advance.
    You will be connected to the person in charge and “LIVE Showroom” will begin.

LIVE Showroom Reservation Form

Please fill out the form below and click the “Submit” button.
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