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6-digit digital picking indicator with RFID reader (MWU2060SFU)

More detailed dynamic data, such as the number of miss picking and working hours, can be obtained, enabling the study of work improvement plans for the realization of DX.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Need to visualize operations and improve operations
  • Need to identify operators and manage operation history
  • Need to streamline picking and sorting of apparel and other products with RFID TAGs
  • Need to have multiple operators working at the same time without mistakes.
  • Need to speed up picking and sorting operation by removing CONFIRM button press action.

Light Module with built-in RFID Reader can solve these on-site problems.

MWU2060SFU Case Study 1: Identification of Operator

RFID can be used to identify the operator at the light module of each location.
The following can be done using the operator’s ID

  1. Identification of the operator who performed the picking operation
  2. Multiple operators in the same block
  3. Operation history and tracing of operators by ID

    ・If Kanban system is used, RFIDs on Kanbans can help prevent mistaken placement.
    ・If you use Shutter Light Module and put UHF RF-ID on the item box, you can make perfect check system.

MWU2060SFU Key Features

  1. No need to press CONFIRM button to speed up operation.

    (RFID Reader in Light Module detects operator’s RFID and judge the operation is completed.)

  2. Poka-yoke (Foolproof) can be set up by using ID TAG.

    (In case an undesignated operator performs operation, an alarm is issued. Poka-yoke (Foolproof) is performed.)

  3. In case the items have RFID tag, RFID Reader in Light Module can count the quantity of items automatically and detect operator picks or sorts correct quantity of items.
  4. Easy network installation with AIOI’s original wiring-saving system

Equipment Configuration

MWU2060SFU Specifications

Display 6 digit 7-segment Display
RF-ID Frequency 840-960MHz(*1)
RF-ID Standard ISO/IEC18000-6 Type C(EPC C1G2)
Dimensions 180(W)x49(H)x20.5(D)mm
Weight 85[g]
Operating Conditions Temperature 0 to 35 degree C,Humidty 20 – 80%(Non-condensing)
  1. RFID Frequency depends on the standard of each country