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CP Cart (Multi-Flexible Customizable Picking Cart)

※Version with shutter

“Zero Miss-Picking!”
Effectively improve the accuracy of picking and sorting operation and prevent mis-shipment at distribution centers by CP Cart with Poka-yoke function.

CP Cart Freely customized to suit your site

You can prevent sorting wrong items by SAS (Shutter Assortment System) or Light Modules with hand sensor.
This system can contribute to prevent shipping wrong items.
CP Cart can be customized to meet your requirement for use environment and solve your problems.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Busy sorting operation with Low Volume High Mix order
  • One operator must handle mltiple orders simultaneously.
  • Wrong Items shipment is unacceptable such as e-Commerce direct shipment to consumers.
  • Difficult to invest large scale material handling systems
  • Operators’ physical burden by hand carry operation
  • Looking for a flexible operation support system

Multi-Flexible Customized Cart solves these on-site problems.

Main Features of CP Cart

  1. Customized design to suit on-site operations (Custom-designed sorting container, exterior size, etc.)
  2. Simple design with AIOI’s unique wire-saving design, easy to maintain and simple to operate
  3. Pick to Light System function to digitize operation processes and assist digital transformation operation.
  4. SAS (Shutter Assortment System) prevents wrong picking and sorting and is ideal for multiple order operation.

Equipment Configuration