New Product Release:3D Projection Picking System

Picking Support System using Projection Mapping and 3D Sensor Technologies

AIOI Systems Co., Ltd. has been developing the next generation of picking and sorting operations using projection.

3D-PPS will be released in March 2022, with a planned release date of July.  3D-PPS will expand the application of picking and sorting operations in the manufacturing and logistics industries. 3D-PPS can be used in new fields that cannot be handled by 2D systems, and we believe it will contribute to market expansion as a new picking support system by using 3D sensor recognition technology to prevent errors.

Main Features of 3D-Projection Picking System (PPS)

The use of 3D sensor solves problems that cannot be handled in 2D!   State-of-the-art picking system that can capture the

position of items and hands in space by X/Y/Z co-ordinate data measured by 3D sensor.

✓Ultimately simple structure

Conventionally, multiple sensors and cameras need to be installed on the object to be detected. 3D Sensor has a simple structure

     that only requires installation at one location on the top.

✓Easy initial setup and maintenance

The ability to measure depth enables automatic measurement of the distance to the object. No complicated setup and easy


✓ØHigh flexibility

Compared to 2D, processing in 3D allows for more precise analysis and detailed settings.

Poka-yoke can be used on shelves or flat, and can be set even for sloping input points.

<Recommended sites for 3D PPS>

Distribution Center of Factory where complicated systems are set to prevent error as Poka-yoke. 

The sites where packing style and storage method are not uniformed.

Need to build the system that improves work efficiency by combining with material handling equipment.