Our Brand

Aioi” is now “AIOI”

AIOI Systems is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.   We develop and send our unique systems based on our innovative ideas and novel concept to all over the world from here in Japan. 

As AIOI philosophy says, “We contribute to the evolution of the logistics system in the manufacturing sites and distribution centers that sustain people’s daily life,” we tried and did our best to come to where we are today.  As a result, we have expanded our products into various manufacturing and logistics sites, working with many people around the world.

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, we are pleased to announce that we have renewed our logo.

While inheriting the value and thoughts of the AIOI founder, we continue to listen to the people in the worksites and deliver surprises and excitement to our customers!


From “Aioi” to “AIOI”

As a global AIOI, not an AIOI from Japan only, we will make the future of all logistics and manufacturing industries with innovative ideas and technologies.  Listening to our customers at the sites, we can learn and understand their needs, that makes us possible to deliver more surprises and excitement to all the customers around the world.  We will bring the “AIOI Revolution” to both the logistics/manufacturing industries and their workplaces.

Surprising the World
with Innovative Ideas!
AIOI Makes the Future!