Flow of System Implementation

  1. Consultation Reception
    1. Clarification of Objectives

      Confirm customer’s current issues, objectives, contents, procedure, project schedule, etc.​

    2. Preliminary Diagnosis

      Through interviews, site visits, etc., a rough understanding of the current situation and diagnosis will be conducted.

    3. Report on preliminary diagnosis results

      Based on the preliminary diagnosis, we propose a consulting plan.

  2. Logistics Analysis
    1. Survey/analysis of the current situation

      We will understand the current situation based on various data and information. Through discussions, we will incorporate the information into feasible measures.

    2. Report on logistics diagnosis

      We report the results of the logistics diagnosis and the direction of improvement, expected effects, and project scenario.

  3. Proposal
    1. Analysis / Discussion

      We form a joint project team with the client.
      The project team will conduct a detailed analysis and review.

    2. Plan Formulation

      We make proposals according to the theme of the project.

  4. Implementation
    1. Implementation Support

      After system design and development, we conduct careful pre-implementation verification before implementing the system on the site.
      We provide support including attendance, training, post-implementation effectiveness verification, and further improvements at the time of implementation.