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Small Items Picking (For Pharmacy)

PPS can be installed in existing medicine cabinets at pharmacies and hospitals
The system converts prescription information into barcodes, and simply scanning the barcode illuminates the drawer containing the medication to be picked, and displays the name and quantity of the medication on the board.
The camera recognizes the AR marker next to the drawer and determines which drawer was opened correctly. If it is wrong, a warning sound and a red light will alert the user of the error.
As shown in the photo above, it is also possible to use the SW series, a small light module without numeric display, in the lower drawer section to link the two.
Adoption of an ultra-short focus projector ensures that the operator is not overshadowed by the projection
Issues Solutions
  • Would like to build a picking system that improves efficiency and prevents errors without changing the medicine cabinets currently in use.
Easy to install because the system projects images onto existing shelves.
There is no need to secure new space or rearrange the shelves.
  • Poor work efficiency for those who do not know the arrangement of medicines.
Projected images allow even inexperienced users to instantly locate the medication they are looking for, improving speed and accuracy.
If there is a mistake, Poka-Yoke warns with an error display and sound.
  • Chronic shortage of pharmacists with heavy workload Although non-pharmacists can do the work of picking medicines, pharmacists are doing it, so the work efficiency is low.
Since the required quantity and product name are projected to the location of the medicine, anyone can do the work, and the dispensing assistants can pick the medicines accurately.

Floor Projection Type (For Distribution Center without shelves)

Picking and sorting instructions can be projected on a floor, such as in transit distribution centers where there are no shelves.
Work progress information can be projected on the wall so that not only the manager but also the workers can see the day’s work progress.
Projectors can be recessed into the ceiling or covered with an outer cover, allowing projectors to be used in refrigerated areas without the risk of condensation.
Work is performed on a floor surface, making it easy to clean up after work and maintaining a clean environment at all times.
One controller controls one projector
Up to 5 wireless switches can be used, allowing 5 people to work simultaneously in the same area.
The projector’s irradiation area expands depending on the irradiation distance
Wireless switches, which do not require batteries and generate their own power, are used to transmit work completion information.
Projection Area Distance to Floor
Diagonal (inch) H x V (inch) Projector to Floor (inch)
150 87 x 51 169
200 169 x 106 224
300 256 x 157 339

Case Study

At the site where the system has been introduced for sorting work in a warehouse, the following examples are provided.
Operation instruction information and work lines are projected on the floor, and caution points and progress information are projected on the wall to deter work errors.

System Confugiration

Issues Solutions
  • Since only sorting is performed without stock, it is difficult to construct a system because the sorting work is performed in a floor space without shelves.
Floor-illuminated F-PPS projects picking instructions, sorting instructions, product names, quantities, etc. from the ceiling to the floor, so the system can be installed in such locations.
Wireless switches that generate their own power without batteries and Bluetooth barcode readers can be used to work in a wireless environment.
  • Would like to operate sorting on pallets or on carts on the floor
Direct instructions can be given on pallets and six-wheeled carts by video projection
  • Would like to monitor work progress in real time.
In addition to monitoring from a host system, it is possible to project time targets, progress status, etc. on the wall.
  • Frequent layout changes
PPS is a video projection system, so it can be easily switched with a dedicated layout setting tool (99 patterns can be registered).
  • Multiple people work at the same time to improve efficiency.
Projection by projector allows multiple people to work simultaneously by assigning a color and giving instructions in multiple colors
  • Would like to make effective use of work space in a distribution warehouse
Projector projection enables construction of a sorting system (even for picking) in a limited space.

Apparel Hanger Type (For Store Backyard)

The camera reads the AR marker attached to the top of the hanger and recognizes where the item is.

PPS can be installed on existing hanger racks
The camera reads the AR marker on the top of the hanger and recognizes the color and size of the item
Once the apparel item to be picked is selected, it is illuminated by a projector, making it easy for anyone to find the item.
Hanger racks can be transported by AGV, so the system can be used not only in the backyards of large stores, but also in distribution centers with a large volume of apparel products.
Issues Solutions
  • Need efficient picking of products hanging on hangers in apparel store backyards and warehouses.
The projector illuminates the specified product (product number, size, and color), allowing workers to pick without hesitation.
Even if there is a mistake in picking, the Poka-Yoke function instantly detects the error and notifies the operator with a warning sound and light.

AGV + PPS (For larger number of items, EC logistics)

Introduction Movie
In the conventional Goods To Person (G2P) system using AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), picking was done after looking at the picking instructions on the PC screen, or after scanning the barcode of the picked goods and looking at the sorting instructions on the PC screen, which resulted in slow speed. The PPS system navigates the frontage of the products to be picked and opens the gate only at the point where the product is to be sorted, thereby improving productivity.
A laser sensor covering the entire picking rack instantly alerts the operator to any picking errors with an audible warning and a red light, thereby eliminating poka yoke.
No need to inspect the products because SAS instructs where to sort the products by simply sorting them into the gates that are opened after picking.
The use of an ultra-short focus projector ensures that the worker is not overshadowed by the projection.
Issues Solutions
  • EC Distribution Center has a large number of shipments in addition to a small quantity and variety of products.
The worker can work without thinking in a sequence of picking according to the instruction by the projection, and then put the items in at the location where the shutter is open, eliminating unnecessary movements and improving work efficiency.
  • Would like to reduce worker workload and increase productivity
AGVs automatically transport goods, reducing the labor required for workers to walk, and eliminating the need to memorize product shelves.
  • Product shelves are transported to a station by an AGV, but it is not possible to attach a display unit to the moving product shelves.
When the AGV arrives at the picking station, instructions on which shelves to pick which items and how many items to pick can be displayed directly on the shelves, making it easy for anyone to understand.
  • Picking mistakes are not tolerated in the BtoC business category.
By detecting the position of the worker’s hand with a sensor, the Poka-Yoke function is triggered if there is a picking error, and the error is detected with an alert sound and an alert light.

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