Pick to Light System & Put to Light System for Maximum Cost Effectiveness!

You may all agree that one of the biggest headaches in logistic operations is to pick the target items from many different products and parts and sort them correctly. Inevitably there are limits to the traditional picking and sorting based on lists. It goes without saying that a key to improving logistic operations is to build a system that lets “anyone” pick and sort items quickly and without mistakes.

Why not introduce a more cost-effective system instead of manual picking and sorting?

Why are AIOI’s Pick to Light Systems selected?

More than 4,000 Pick to Light systems by AIOI are operating around the world.
One key reason why the customers are choosing AIOI’s systems over other brands is the “high cost-effectiveness” of our products.

Why is the Cost-effectiveness high?

Here are some of the reasons why AIOI’s Pick to Light Systems we are suggesting to you are very cost-effective.

  • Best system suitable for your specific site operations
    • Our suggestion is based on analysis of actual tasks performed at the site. We will never force you to compromise on a standard system.
  • Minimize new investment
    • Although we must run analysis, you may well be able to use your existing shelves, conveyors, etc.
  • No list means paperless
    • There are no more picking and sorting problems associated with paper lists, such picking a wrong item from the list, not reading correctly, or skipping lines from the list.
    • Clear digital displays and intuitive light-directed operation make it possible to operate at a high speed.
    • Workers no longer require detailed product knowledge or experience. Newly hired employees today become your immediate assets.
    • “Seasonal changes in demand,” which are inevitable in logistic operations, can be addressed flexibly without additional equipment.
  • Substantially reduced operational costs
    • Eliminates needs for paper lists and other consumable supplies. Maintenance cost is also low.
  • Utmost flexibility
    • AIOI’s non-polar, reduced wiring network system makes it possible to easily change the site layout or move devices.

Benefits of Pick(Put) to Light Systems

  • Fewer workers (= lower labor cost)
  • Shorter work hours
  • Less consumable supplies
  • Creation of added value
  • Fewer picking errors
  • Creation of added value
  • Higher worker retention rate
  • Easy to view the operation progress and utilize past operation data

Example of Cost-effectiveness – Before & After

Items handled: General merchandise for everyday use
Function: Ship to the distribution center for its stores
System: Picking & Checking (Pick to Light Systems + In-zone Point of Sale (POS) Product Inspection)

Before After
Number of workers 8 8
Work hours 3 hours 10 minutes 1 hour 40 minutes
Man-hour productivity/th> 80 lines/hour/person 150 lines/hour/person
Picking list output Yes No
Incidental task Inspect products in a subsequent process Inspect products as they are picked
Other The work hours and accuracy vary depending on the workers. Barely make daily shipping deadline. The work load is equalized.
Saved time can be used to process returns, etc. Easily determine the schedule to finish work.